I woke up feeling unwanted this morning. I guess sometimes that just happens.

As a remedy, dear tumblrettes, I would suggest doing the following:

  • tell me a funny story
  • compliment me
  • flirt with me
  • distract me
  • give me orgasms

I am not a skinny girl trapped in a fat body. My body is not “extra weight” or over my allotted allowance of size that I was meant to be. I am fat and probably always will be fat.

I have given up on the fantasy. The fantasy of having a different body. The fantasy of being thin. I used to have this reoccurring daydream that I was granted any wish I wanted, and my first one was to be thin and have long hair. Or anytime I saw a flat stomach, I would spend days thinking what it would be like if that was my body.

Now I can draw my own form without looking and don’t project other people’s bodies on my own. I feel like I am finally a tidy package, instead of this tall, fat, awkward disjointed person that I used to be. It took years for me to stop seeing myself as a potential thin person. To stop sucking it in and squinting at the mirror to see what I thought I wanted to see. Now I look at myself naked and I feel like a whole person. I feel like every inch of my body belongs to me and this is what I am supposed to fucking look like.

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I love everything about these. 

My vagina is full of glitter and magic, too.

My vagina is full of glitter and magic, too.

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Anonymous asked: Confession: I knew Courtney Trouble as a teenager and she was not a very nice girl which has pretty much ruined 90% of queer porn for me since she has either directed it, been in it, or is associated with it. Consequently, my wife and I end up watching straight porn most of them time

That’s horrible to hear, but I completely understand. 

I also believe that there is room for many more queer porn directors and hope that they come along so that you can enjoy some. 

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girlonaleash asked: What kind of porn do you watch? What actors/actresses do you like most if you have any favorites?

The list is too long for what kind of porn I watch - but my favorite (sub)genre is queer feminist kinky porn. 

I crush on Jiz Lee so hard. They are super swoonable.

Also, others who are awesome (in no particular order): April Flores, Courtney Trouble, Arabelle Raphael, Dylan Ryan, Syd Blakovich, Casey Grey, Skin Diamond, Papi Coxx, Princess Donna. 

Yes, yes, yes. Always this.

Yes, yes, yes. Always this.

Sometimes I end up getting off to the weirdest porn.


A very quick sneak peek at the photos from my boudoir shoot with Katrinka’s Secret.

This is one of my fave shoots…for a lot of reasons. Look for a blog post about it next week.

What? So gorgeous, so femme, such perfect lingerie. I’m swooning and envious, simultaneously.

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Photo : Oleksandr Pshnychnyy


Photo : Oleksandr Pshnychnyy