femme bois

phinforthewin said: just google/wiki the term boi and apply as you see fit. oh, and make that boi human femme. cool? cool.

dirtyxygirl said: I would say “a non-male who expresses femininity in a way commonly associated with effeminate males.” That’s how I’ve normally seen it used.

goth-muffin said: This is how I often identify. I’m faab, and often femme, but genderqueer and the “boi” aspects of my identity are *really* important to me. Critical even. Even though it is confusing sometimes, identifying this way but still loving lingerie, etc.

gingerbigendered said: So I could be called a “femme boi” and it’d be a fairly accurate label I was born a guy, I live day to day as a guy. I have no plans to make any sort of hormones or anything like that. I love my body as it is. I also act super girly compared to most guys and crossdress like nobody’s business. I make a super hot girl. Bend all the genders!

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