Made rebloggable by request


Made rebloggable by request

‘…..this is not to say that every single white American consciously oppresses black people. He does not need to. Institutional racism has been maintained deliberately by the power structure and through indifference, inertia and lack of courage on the part of white masses as well as petty officials.’
I don’t owe White people explanations on SHIT.


They got brains, Google and the utter saving power of Whiteness. 

When I explain stuff to White people, I do it because (a) I care about that White person and (b) I’m in the mood.

Otherwise? Forget it. 

I USED to just bend over backwards to give them thorough explanations about ~colored people thangs~ in an effort to present myself as the “Exceptional Negro”. I was all up under that White Gaze. Fuck it. Fuck you. And fuck them. 

Reblogging for myself and all other white people.

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things that aren’t racism:


-a white person being called a name

-a white person getting beat up

-a white person being bullied

-a white person being denied a job

-a white person being denied housing

-a white person _____________________________________________________

When you start talking about racism…

This is what happens:

saying that racism is simply power + prejudice is just the most reductionist thing I have ever heard. Powerless people are racist, powerful people are too. And, if you really think about it, NOBODY can escape prejudice. There is no absolute truth once filtered through our human eyes/brain. Every opinion is incomplete, all ideas are fundamentally prejudiced one way or another. Racism is a horrible thing but this kind of reduced ideology only adds to the fire.
That’s a very western-centric view though - how about white people living in, say, the middle east (or anywhere in the world where the country ISN’T run by white people) - would you STILL argue that ONLY white people can be racist, even in situations where white people are not the dominant power-holders?
jackmeoffofallltrades replied to your post:  Being racist is someone who is bigoted and against another race. Black people can be racist, just as easily as white people can. Being called cracker, whitey, pale, albino, and other white/race terms of racism are possible.. you’re wrong.
only white people can be racist? That is one of the most ignorant things I have ever heard. I know you don’t give two shits, but I have no desire to follow you anymore.
I have this crazy idealism. This ridiculous thought that we could all acknowledge the privileges that we have. That we could recognize that forms of oppression are interconnected. That we could all, together, be allies - against racism, against cissexism, against heterosexism, against sexism, against ableism, against sizeism, against all the fucking ways that we, as a society, oppress people. 
Please prove me right? Please say that you get it. Please take the time to educate yourself, to read about racism. Please, I don’t want to think that we, as white people, can’t acknowledge all the privileges we receive, including that we can never experience institutionalized racism.
I don’t want us to keep on sucking this much - and not in the super hot sucking strap on cocks sort of way, in that way, we should all keep sucking super hard. Let’s just all be awesome and inclusive and radical, okay? 
"I’m not racist."

I often hear white people self-identify as “not racist.”

But, as white people, we don’t get to decide if our behaviors or our words are racist. We don’t get to decide if we’re appropriating someone else’s culture. This is a time where our voice doesn’t matter and where we don’t get to contribute to the dialogue. 

what i said:you have white privilege
what they think i said:you have never dealt with any kind of hardship whatsoever and you are not oppressed in any way and you are a horrible person who is not deserving of love or happiness